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Are you craving alone time as a mother,

yet struggling to make it happen?

Do you feel guilty or ashamed for even wanting it?


I'm Tehla, a mother of two who dedicated a decade of my life to finding practical solutions to these very questions! And I'm so excited to share my findings with you......

Introducing my new book, 'A Mother's Space: Permission to Pause', an intimate journey through the demands of modern motherhood. It is a compassionate and relatable account of a mother's experience, highlighting the importance of guilt free personal space just for her. 


'A Mother's Space: Permission to Pause' is not another book on parenting your child or how to make healthy family dinners or school lunchboxes. The focus is solely and squarely on you - the mother. Your wants, your needs, and your personal space - even if just for a mere 10 minutes of your day!


It acknowledges your sacrifice and struggle, and invites you to share in a new vision for yourself - confidently and unapologetically. 

Read more about my book here




About Tehla

Author | Crystal Therapist | Spiritual Coach

Tehla Jane Bower is a mother of two, writer, spiritual teacher and founder of The Crystal Healing Room in Far North NSW. Her first published work of poetry was at age seventeen, titled ‘Quiet Search’, followed by an early career in communications, community relations, fundraising and submission writing. 'A Mother’s Space: Permission to Pause' is her first book, a beautiful testament to her authentic voice and dedication to self-discovery. She lives in Pottsville, Australia with her husband and two young girls.

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